10 Tips For Sleeping Better

At the beginning of your sobriety journey sleep can be erratic and hard to come by. You'll be lying in bed wide awake at 3 am in the morning and on the point of crashing out at 3 p.m!

Sleep is a miracle cure, it is the remedy for tired minds, tired bodies and is the ultimate recuperative treatment. It can take some people up to three months to be able to sleep properly throughout the night without disturbance ater quitting drinking, but the technicolour blockbuster dreams are so worth it.

Here are my best tips for getting a better sleep.

How To Deal With Tiredness, Fatigue And Weariness

The benefits of not drinking alcohol are immediately apparent. If you combine abstinence with eating healthy foods, you'll look and feel a lot better very quickly. Where I went wrong in my first sobriety stretch was to eat junk food like pizza, chips and ice cream regularly on the basis that if I couldn't drink alcohol, there must be some pleasure I could derive from food to replace my loss.

This is the wrong thing to do. Firstly all that sugar you eat to replace the sugar you are not getting through your mixer drinks means that any weight loss, in the beginning, is going to be negligible. This is not good because you need to see tangible results from your not drinking to stick with the program.

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