White Rabbit - Are You Afraid To Quit Drinking

It's the first of November, so a perfect opportunity to quit the booze and get with the program. You're scared what might happen? Of course, you are, you wouldn't be you if you weren't scared. But think about this – what is the worst that can happen if you stop drinking? And what is the worst that can happen if you keep on drinking?

The problem isn't about how much you drink or how much you drink compared to others. The issue is how badly alcohol is affecting your life. That's all that matters. Stop comparing yourself to those around you who drink a lot more; they are all living in their own personal hell. They won't admit that they have no control over their drinking.

Am I Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

If you think you need to stop drinking, but you're not sure how close you are to being an alcoholic, then this article might help you make your mind up. If you are reading this then for starters you probably need to stop.

There are many tests on the internet that are designed to tell you whether or not you have a drinking problem. Score two out of ten and you have a dilemma. Have you ever missed a day from work through drinking? Well, who hasn't? Have you ever driven in the morning knowing that you are probably over the drink live limit? Regularly.

The indicator isn't how well or how poorly you score on the test. The clue is in the looking. Casual drinkers don't go seeking questionnaires that question their drinking habits.

Change Is Hard But Necessary To Beat Addiction

Part of you wants to change your self-destructive behaviour. But part of you clings to it like the log lady. Finding your way out of the maze is like trying to understand an episode of Twin Peaks. Why does your mind fight against itself and why does it talk to you incessantly when you least want it to?

The good news is that every day you remain sober the easier it gets. There are good and bad days, and some are easier than others but overall as you step away from the drinking madness the thoughts of “using” as they say in recovery parlance, become less frequent and less overpowering.

Is Alcoholism A Disease? An Illness? Is Addiction Learned?

Alcoholics are the ones who sleep under the doorway at night, the tramp who sleeps on the park bench with his brown paper bag or the old man that shuffles along home along the streets unshaved, unkempt, with his carrier bag held tightly to his chest at 10 am in the morning.

These images are the stereotypical worldview of an alcoholic. Alcoholics have lost nearly everything they had through addiction to drink; their wives, family, possessions, self-respect, all gone. These sad creatures are in the last stages of an addiction that is killing them. Can they help themselves? Why don't they stop drinking?

Drunk & Broke, Sober & Rich

Take a few minutes to add up the amount of money you spend on alcohol every week. No seriously, do it, and don't skimp on the extras.

There, right there, is the reason you are continually flirting with the limit on your bank overdraft. All your money is going on booze, and it is a very sobering exercise to count up the amount of cash you drink away each week.

Being permanently schnockered is why you are so poor. 

Since my quit date on September 21st, I'm £105.98 better off. I was probably spending around £200 per month on booze, and there are two of us in this relationship, so another £100 is still going down the toilet. Whether or not that will change remains to be seen, but rather than get into a needless argument I'm going to let the results of my actions speak for me and see where that takes us.

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