Do you cringe when the recycling bins are dragged over your drive, clinking and jangling their merry jig at 6 am in the morning for the neighbours to hear? Do you share out your booze purchases between several stores to try and cover up how much you drink?

The amount of alcohol I drank steadily rose over the years. In my early twenties and thirties, I was strictly a beer man and most nights at the pub would be an eight-pint session.

This is not intended as a guide for heavy daily drinkers. Coming off the booze when you are physiologically dependent can kill you. If you are dependent on alcohol to get you through the day, then you need proper medical supervision. Going cold turkey can give you all manner of terrible withdrawal effects.

For those of us that consider ourselves to be simply “problem drinkers” rather than “alcoholics” what are the options? And how do you go about reclaiming your life from drink?

First of all, make the distinction between “giving up” and “stopping” drinking, they are two entirely different ways to achieve the same end, but the mental process is different.

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