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It's not just those that we call alcoholics who have a problem with drink. Anyone whose life can be improved by quitting the booze stands to benefit.

Do you find yourself looking for car keys in the morning that have been misplaced? Wonder where your credit card is from last night and think you may have left it in the shop? Take short trips to the booze shop in your car to get a top up or drive to work with a thumping hangover?

All signs that you could do with leaving the booze alone for a bit.

You've Made It To Two Days Sober. Congratulations! Now What?

Getting past the first two days is a significant accomplishment. People who haven't experienced addiction may scoff if you mention how (rightly) proud you are of your achievement but they don't know how hard you have struggled just to get this far.

I lost count of the times I failed to make it past the second or third day before caving in and drinking again. It's a significant achievement so don't let anyone belittle you. Better still don't even mention it to anyone. It's a lot easier to plough your furrow and stay sober than it is to heap pressure on yourself by telling everyone within earshot how long you've gone without a drink. Especially at this early stage.

If your past drinking pattern has been to stop for a few days before going on another bender or even managing to keep your alcohol consumption to weekends only you'll have built up a lot of unresolved health issues. Those of you that have been consistently drinking on a daily basis will experience the worst withdrawal symptoms.

All the time that your body spends dealing with getting rid of the alcohol in its system means less time to deal with day to day routine cleanup tasks. Slowly you work your way down the ladder of ill health, much of the time without even realising you are making yourself sick because your alcohol consumption masks your true feelings.

Last weekend I went to see my brother as it was his birthday. Things were going great until I started drinking. 

On Friday night, we went to the pub and had a beautiful meal. I drank sparkling water, and it was a great evening. Saturday was a different story though as when it came to 5 O'clock, and they all started tucking into the beer and wine I was left feeling completely vulnerable and I switched my water for a bottle of Budweiser. 

There is something about those knowing looks when you sit alone drinking water. I should be able to handle it by now, but I wasn't up to the task. 

It took me seven years to kick my alcohol addiction. Seven long years of trying and failing to stop drinking alcohol after 35 years of consistent heavy boozing. If you are struggling to come to terms with your alcohol addiction, then you have landed at your final destination, because I made this website for you.

I built this site to help people come to terms with their excessive drinking and realise that it is the cause of all their problems and misery rather than their saviour. Alcohol may give you temporary relief from your life problems, but it exacts a terrible price for it. Consistent heavy drinking can also make you depressed long term, without you even realising it, as well as storing up a myriad of other health problems.

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