10 Tips For Sleeping Better

At the beginning of your sobriety journey sleep can be erratic and hard to come by. You'll be lying in bed wide awake at 3 am in the morning and on the point of crashing out at 3 p.m!

Sleep is a miracle cure, it is the remedy for tired minds, tired bodies and is the ultimate recuperative treatment. It can take some people up to three months to be able to sleep properly throughout the night without disturbance ater quitting drinking, but the technicolour blockbuster dreams are so worth it.

Here are my best tips for getting a better sleep.

Watching Television Is Destroying Your Soul

My earliest recollection of watching television is being sat in the front room after school, wrapped up in Dastardly and Muttley and Blue Peter. If I was feeling rebellious enough I might have watched Grange Hill, but I'd have to make sure my parents were not around as they would surely disapprove of all that early teen anarchic chaos.

Through my early teens, I didn't watch much TV although I had a penchant for spending all day watching England play Australia in a cricket test match during the long summer holidays and listening to Richie Benaud give a masterclass in the understated commentary. A world away from the frantic and breathless “must have a sentence on every action” that the Sky presenters these days impart.

Benefits Of Yoga In Addiction Recovery

You've stopped drinking, and now you are looking around at the world and wondering what is out there for you. You begin to cast about for some guidance and ask “What else is there?”

Suddenly you have a lot of time on your hands. More time than you could have wished for than when you were rooted in a drinking fog. Not only does drinking consume all your time in the act of drinking but also the long-term effects on your brain. Once you put some sober days together, you begin to question how you can fill your hours beneficially.

The first way is to begin a meditation practice. This will start the process of connecting yourself back together. Another useful method to introduce is Yoga.

Sugar Is The Enemy Of The People

When I quit drinking, I started bingeing on Sugar. Lots of chocolate in the evenings and plenty of cheesecake. I was radical for not drinking right? So I deserved my sugary treats?

Wrong, wrong wrong. It was completely the wrong thing to do. What you want to see from not drinking is some immediate benefits, like glowing skin, some weight loss and to start feeling human again.

Eating so much sugar destroys all the goals that you are working so hard to reach. Let me explain. But first I want to share with you a secret I discovered several years ago.

White Rabbit - Are You Afraid To Quit Drinking

It's the first of November, so a perfect opportunity to quit the booze and get with the program. You're scared what might happen? Of course, you are, you wouldn't be you if you weren't scared. But think about this – what is the worst that can happen if you stop drinking? And what is the worst that can happen if you keep on drinking?

The problem isn't about how much you drink or how much you drink compared to others. The issue is how badly alcohol is affecting your life. That's all that matters. Stop comparing yourself to those around you who drink a lot more; they are all living in their own personal hell. They won't admit that they have no control over their drinking.

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